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Using PGP To Encrypt The Ansible Vault

Over the last week I've been getting rid of the extremely janky Puppet setup I had provisioning my VPS, and replacing it with Ansible. One of the features I really like in Ansible is the Vault, which is a fancy name for AES-encrypted data files. The Vault lets me put stuff like API keys in source control without exposing them to my enemies [1]. Super convenient!

Unfortunately, the Vault is also sort of a pain: every time I want to edit an encrypted file, or do a test run, I have to type my Super Complex Secret Passphrase. I had to do a lot of test runs while getting everything verified, so that got pretty tedious. Additionally, if this Ansible setup were for a project with many developers, I'd have the usual password-distribution problems.

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Posted on 2014-11-30T21:00:00Z
Posted in ansible, pgp.