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What do you think of this mailing-list message?

I've been subscribed to the email list for Cascade Bicycle Club since I signed up for the Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic last year. This morning they sent me an email from the "Bike Bot":

Hi Andrew --

Let me introduce myself. I'm Bike "I'm smarter than you" Bot, the Director of Cascade's Intelligence Agency.

I'm not human. I'm an internet program that's been trolling through how many emails you've been opening from the Cascade Bicycle Club and how many actions you've been taking.

And I have to say, I'm a little disappointed (like Siri gets when you ask her a dumb question ... you know the tone). You've opened fewer than one out of four emails from Cascade, and you've never, ever signed a petition, sent an email to a decision-maker, or attended a lots-of-humans-in-the-room (ick) Cascade advocacy event.

So, I've instructed the human advocacy staff at the Cascade Bicycle Club to remove you from the advocacy email list. Unless you tell me otherwise, you won't receive another Advocacy Alert from Cascade.


By the way, here's a public service announcement for all you humans from an internet bot: don't get any ideas from the movie "Her." We won't love you, we'll play you. Siri doesn't even like you. Plus, humans shouldn't be stealing my dates.

I thought this was funny and cute! I guess a lot of people disagreed, though, because a few hours later I got an apology:

Hi Andrew --

This morning, in trying to add a little levity to Cascade's effort to ensure you only receive the emails you want, we crossed a line. What we thought was funny now clearly wasn't. Our sincerest apologies.


Thomas Goldstein, Policy Director Cascade Bicycle Club

That's a good apology, but I don't see the need for it. Do you? What do you think it was that upset people?

Posted on 2014-02-24T20:22:00Z
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