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Erin Call

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Wanker News!

p. I made "a juvenile website":!

p. So, maybe it requires some backstory? The fella behind "pinboard": "proposed":!/Pinboard/status/155334419098517504 replacing instances of "the cloud" with "the moon", and further "proposed":!/Pinboard/status/164847769285169152 replacing "hack" with "wank." Hilarious!

p. Well, over lunch with a few co-workers, we discussed how much "Hacker News": might be improved with these replacements. So after work I dropped by a "wankathon":, threw together a rails app that proxies with some regex replacements, and sent it off "to the moon":

p. Since then I've been laughing pretty much non-stop. Come wank the auto industry! Who are we to assign connotations to "wanker"? ahahaha

Posted on 2012-02-03T06:55:00Z
Posted in rails.
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