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Prague Day 6: Lazy Town and Travel

First off, sorry about the delay getting this last post up! I was at Pete Keen's wedding, and the preparations took up all my blogging time.

Fortunately, you haven't been missing out on much. By Friday the blister on my foot was too painful to do much exploring, so after transferring hotels again--this time to the K+K Central--I found a cozy bar and just sat and read my book. I'd planned to go up the hill to the Castle Quarter and see Prague Castle, and I was sorry to miss it, but there wasn't anything to be done.

Saturday, my travel day, was similarly uneventful. I did finally figure out the difference between the tram and the metro, and take the right one!

As you can imagine, none of this led to a lot of photo ops. I did see a neat piece of public art:

In Utero

And a subway tunnel with its skin removed:

Subway Tunnel

So those days weren't a total loss.

Posted on 2014-06-10T15:30:00Z
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