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Prague Day 4: Old Town

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy this wonderful gem of Europe. After breakfast, the first order of business was to move my stuff over to my new new hotel (making reservations at the last minute meant I couldn't find one place with vacancies all my remaining nights). It was a bit of a hike, but soon enough I was off and sightseeing!

I'd decided to split my remaining 3 days in Prague into 3 sections of town: Wednesday in the Old Town, Thursday in the New Town, and Friday in the Small and Castle Quarters. This plan worked well, and things were mostly uneventful on Wednesday. I walked across the Charles Bridge, visited the Museum Of Medieval Torture (somewhat disappointing) and walked through the Jewish Quarter.

There's not much else to say, but as always be sure to check out my pictures from the day!

Posted on 2014-06-05T03:00:00Z
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