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Git Helpers For The Fish Shell

I recently switched from Bash to the Fish Shell. It's great, but I missed the git helpers I got from SCM Breeze. Rather than sit around moping, I thought I'd implement the core feature in Fish.

The best thing SCM Breeze offers is a collection of shortcuts for files with outstanding changes. The author realized that when you run git status, the next thing you're likely to want to do is perform some operation or another on the changed files. You might want to git add them, view the changes in git diff, open them in an editor, etc. SCM Breeze alters the git status output to make the file listing a numbered list. It also wraps git in a Bash function that translates those numbers when they're used as arguments. The upshot is that instead of having to type git add some/long/path/to/a/filename, you can just ype git add 1.

That behavior is what I implemented in Fish, as well. It looks like this:

Terminal video

One improvement I've made over SCM Breeze is that my version handles renamed files correctly. Under SCM Breeze, the entire rename would get a single number pointing to "oldname -> newname". It was unhelpful. My version assigns indices to the old and new names.

If you're interested in trying this out, drop and in your ~/.config/fish/functions directory. This is still an early version, so there may be problems--let me know if you run into any! If you do have trouble, you can always use command git ... to bypass the git-wrapping function.

Posted on 2015-08-19T15:30:00Z
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